Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Critical Mass

"Nobody knows what Global Warming is, or what's going on, because the scientists in this world have been led to believe in the fake philosophical idealism of evolution," according to Bruce D. McKay Elijah.

You may think that a literal reading of the Bible is the source McKay Elijah's startling insight, but you would be wrong. His source is none other than Ovid:
Global warming is Ovid's theme in The Metamorphosis. It is caused by the earth's mantle heating up! It progresses to a New Geological Age. When a critical mass is reached, the sudden surge of energy from the mantle resets the DNA to produce a new Animal Kingdom and a new Plant Kingdom! There are no "missing links!" For that matter, Ovid wrote, “Libya then became a sandy desert.” So how can the evolutionist be right – even if our books say it was 240 to 300 million years ago when the 3.5 million square mile Sahara Desert emerged - covered with NEW sand.

Not only that,
The mantle's release of this highly charged new matter is what the ancients called "chaos." When released, the new matter may, or it may not, contain many millions of pounds of highly compressed, super-cold gasses. It is therefore capable of plunging an entire continent, such as Europe, into a near instant ice age. As a global process, for that matter, millions of tons of highly charged chaos may be released almost all at once - if the heating up of the mantle continues to increase. The effects of this series or this type of event, is well noted in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Otherwise, when a critical mass is reached on a global scale, it may even progress into a New Geological Age. And that isn’t all. If such a critical mass is reached, when a sudden surge of energy comes up from within the mantle itself, it may even reset the DNA - in everything!
That's right! Everything! And these are not the ramblings of a lunatic, McKay-Elijah's discoveries are the product of "scientific research" and in that respect they're just like intelligent design or creation science.


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