Saturday, August 26, 2006


Church of Rationality

Check out Brother Mark's Church of Rationality which is "dedicated to maintaining fidelity to reason in all areas of our lives. We do not rely," says Brother Mark, "upon prophets, fables, mythology, folklore, or superstitions; for those give us no knowledge, nor do we say “I don’t know,” for that gives us no insight. We believe in what is real, and in the absence of empirical proof, we postulate and accept what is most likely to be true."

RSR, being a writer and one of those sickeningly squishy humanities types shares Brother Mark's distaste for prophets, who in our experience seem to be missing the ambiguity gene, but we are fascinated by fable, myth, and folklore -- it's not that we think these stories tell us much about the natural world, but that they tell us a lot about ourselves.

That little difference in emphasis aside, Brother Mark has compiled a great set of resources for those of us who worship at the altar of rationality.


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