Thursday, August 03, 2006


Bye Bye Bobby

Once the primary election returns were tabulated and it was clear moderates would take over the state school board in January, it didn't take long for right-wing board member Kathy Martin to throw Education Commissioner Bob "Heckuva Job" Corkins overboard.

The Lawrence Journal World reports it this way:

Martin said she won’t be surprised if Corkins gets the boot. And though she approves of him, she would accept his dismissal.

“If he’s gone, he’s gone,” she said. “He knew that when he took the job.”

Sophia Maines of the LJW reports that Corkins -- like RSR -- is currently on vacation. That means he should be well rested when he begins his job search. Hope he's been frugal with his money, we doubt he'll be making more than the Governor in his next job.

BTW: RSR is still on vacation and not really back blogging full time yet -- that will come next Tuesday -- but we couldn't resist reporting on the heartwarming support being offered to the Commish in his hour of need by erstwhile supporters on the board such as Martin.


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