Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Bob Corkins: Stick a Fork in Him, He's Done

Associated Press writer Carl Manning reports that "[m]oderates who will control the Kansas State Board of Education next year say it’s only a question of time before they start undoing what the conservatives have done, chiefly dumping anti-evolution education standards and maybe the education commissioner, as well."
“I imagine everybody is anxious to get the science standards changed back to the mainstream. Whether it’s January or February, that’s up to the new board,” moderate member Bill Wagnon, of Topeka, said Tuesday.

Wagnon, a Democrat, said he also wants to replace Commissioner Bob Corkins, hired last year by the conservatives although he lacked any experience as a school administrator.

“He’s an at-will employee of the board. When he loses six votes, he’s unemployed,” said Wagnon, the longest-serving member at 10 years.


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