Monday, July 24, 2006


Take a Seat

A couple of weeks ago when the Discovery Institute, the intelligent design think tank located in Seattle, launched its long-distance "Stand Up for Science" campaign here, they said they were doing it at the "behest of Kansas teachers and parents."

Should we tell them that the Kansas National Education Association -- they actually represent teachers in this state -- has endorsed moderate candidates opposed to teaching intelligent design such as Sally Cauble, a Republican from Liberal, and Tim Cruz, a Democrat from Garden City, Donna Viola, a McPherson Republican, and Jack Wempe, a Lyons Democrat for the state school board?

Do you think they know, the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science -- another group that actually represents teachers here -- says that replacing scientific explanations with intelligent design inspired pseudoscience inappropriately imposes on Kansas religious, cultural, moral, and political life.

Do you suppose if we tell them where Kansas teachers really stand on this issue they'll pack their bags and go home?


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