Friday, July 07, 2006


Stealth Candidate Jesse Hall Getting Wider Exposure

The Bonner Springs Chieftan, on the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metro, has picked up Red State Rabble's story on stealth candidate Jesse Hall, who is running for Kansas State School Board against Moderate Janet Waugh.

Hall told The Chieftan he thought Waugh was spending too much time "fighting" the current board on issues that he said most District 1 residents considered settled, including the new science standards that redefine science to include the supernatural, and the opt-in sex education policy adopted by the board this year.
He said he based that finding on his meeting about 100 families he'd met while going door-to-door campaigning.

A political blog, Red State Rabble, has described Hall as a "stealth fundamentalist candidate" because he is supported by Celtie Johnson, an anti-evolution crusader.

Hall said "Only one of the three words in quotes is correct: ‘candidate.'" He said he did know Johnson.

But probably not in the biblical sense.


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