Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Spiralling Into Chaos

Moderate School Board member Bill Wagnon says, "beginning in 2001, with a eight-vote moderate majority, the board adopted numerous reforms that consolidated school improvement, whereas beginning in 2005, the board with a six-vote radical majority has spiralled into chaos."

That could all change in just 12 days if Kansans vote moderates in and radicals out in the Aug. 1 primary election. You can make a difference by making a contribution to a moderate candidate or one of the political action committees that's supporting them (see the sidebar for contact information). You can also volunteer to help get out the vote. Don't forget to vote yourself on Aug. 1.

If you live outside Kansas, you can help too. Remember this is an issue of national importance. If the radical right is set back in Kansas, it will be a victory for science education everywhere.

Right-wing candidates see that this election has national significance. They aren't a bit shy about raising money all across the country. The Discovery Institute has pushed itself into this election and you can bet your bottom dollar they're working behind the scenes to re-elect the creationists who voted to re-define science in Kansas.

Elections, like battles, are won by those who show up -- so show up. The time for talk is over, the time for action is here.


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