Tuesday, July 18, 2006



John Bacon, the right-wing incumbent running for re-election to the Kansas State School Board, tells The Kansas City Star he's "running for a third term because he still has much he wants to accomplish."

Bacon's accomplishments so far?

He voted for science standards that made Kansas a laughing stock around the world. He voted to appoint Bob Corkins Education Commissioner -- something Republican Sen. John Vratil, who serves on the Education Committee, compared to making Saddam Hussein president of the United States. He also voted in favor of opt-in sex education over the opposition of local school boards, teachers, and administrators from around the state. He's been pushing -- so far unsuccessfully -- for charter schools and vouchers, as well.

The question is, can Kansas schools survive another four years of Bacon's so-called accomplishments?

Harry McDonald, who is running against Bacon in the 3rd District primary election is a better choice for Kansas kids.


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