Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Makin' Bacon

John Bacon is for local control of the schools. Except, of course, when he isn't.

“Some of our public schools have lost touch with what the public is, as far as values,” Bacon told The Kansas City Star's Melodee Hall Blobaum. “It’s important that parents and communities be heard. There are things that the state board can do to help plug in the community and parents.”

Well yes, of course, local school boards, elected by the local community are not as in touch with the public as Bacon and the other right-wing lunatics -- some of whom have run stealth campaigns to conceal from the public who and what they are -- who have captured control of the state school board.

One of the ways Bacon and his fellow theocrats on the state board tried to help "plug in the community and parents," was to take the final decision about charter school approval away from them and give it to the state board instead.

Another way Bacon plugged in the local community and parents was by having the state board in Topeka tell them how to administer sex education programs at the local level.

First the state board re-defined science to make it synonymous with religion. Now they want to re-define local control to mean centralized control.

Move over George Orwell.


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