Friday, July 28, 2006


Lowered Expectations

Right-wing school board candidate Brad Patzer, vying for the seat Iris Van Meter, his mother-in-law currently holds, just loves the new science standards.

His Republican opponent in the primary, Jana Shaver, understands why they're a disaster for Kansas school kids:"
Establishing high quality standards is one of the most important roles of the State Board of Education. If our students are to be prepared to work and compete in the 21st century, the local curriculum must be based on the best standards possible. The Fordham Foundation rates the standards in all 50 states. In Kansas, all areas except science have received an A or B. Our current science standards received an F-. The Kansas Science Assessment, which will come on line in 2007, will be based on these standards. Kansas students must receive the best science instruction possible to prepare them, not only for the Kansas Assessment, but for national exams such as the ACT or SAT. I believe the science standards should be reviewed."
What does it say to students when board members -- and wannabes like Patzer -- say they're okay with an F-?


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