Saturday, July 08, 2006


Kansas Science Standards Judged Worst in Nation

Updated: You know the Kansas science standards -- the ones the the Discovery Institute wants so badly to stand up for? The standards John Calvert's Intelligent Design Network say "reflect a modest step towards objective public education about origins."

Well, according to an article published by John Hanna of the Associated Press, "Kansas has the nation’s worst science standards for public schools, a national education group says, condemning the state for rewriting its definition of science and treating evolution as a flawed theory."

Writing that the Kansas science standards make a "mockery of the very definition of science,” Thomas B. Fordham Institute gave the state a grade of "F" on its standards.

Board chair Steve Abrams -- who led the effort to push the new standards through over the strenuous objections of scientists and educators -- reportedly called the institute’s assessment “just incomprehensible.”

There are, apparently, many things that must seem incomprehensible to Abrams.


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