Monday, July 24, 2006

The Kansas Citizens for Science website has a post up just now that presents slides and text from a speech that intelligent design activist John Calvert is giving around the state. Here's an excerpt:

If they’re given complete information, they may choose to go this way [pointing to the left-hand sign which says “Designs”] They may conclude that life is a product of an intelligent cause rather than a material cause, and that’s going to lead them to a whole series of exits relating to Christianity, Judaism, Islam. And there will be subsidiary exits for ethics, morals, and even notions of government.

In this direction [pointing to the right], if you just believe you’re a product of material cause, you’ll have a whole different set of exits: exits for secular humanism, atheism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions, with different views of morals.

In other words, all that stuff you've heard about intelligent design not being in the standards is a lot of hooey.

And, all that nonsense about the science standards contoversy being about some scientific difference of opinion over the evidence supporting the theory of evolution? That's strictly for suckers.

The whole purpose of the board's new "science" standards is not to teach science but to lead students to Christianity -- Judaism and Islam are strictly window dressing --and tell them what ethics, morals, and notions of government are acceptable.

The standards supported by teachers and the science community, by the way, say nothing about origins. Students learn facts, not opinion. They are not indoctrinated as they are under the board's standards. Instead, their views are respected. They may believe what they want about the origin of life.


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