Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It's The Media's Fault

Poor, poor Connie Morris. She's sooo misunderstood.

"I always thought that politicians were the problem," Morris said. "The media was the problem. There have been so many bad reports go out that it's just mind-boggling. You don't know where to begin to correct the falsehoods."

Recently, Connie told Earl Watt of the Southwest Daily Times that when she was asked if she had read the new standards at the science hearing in May 2005, "I told the reporter that I had read the standards but I have not finished researching them."

"But his report said that I admitted to only having scanned the standards," Connie continued. "It's frustrating when words are manipulated, when your actions are not reported correctly."

Red State Rabble was at the hearings when witness after witness provided by the intelligent design think tank, the Discovery Institute, was forced to admit under a whithering cross-examination by pro-science attorney Pedro Irigonegaray that they'd come to Kansas at taxpayer expense to testify without ever having read the proposed standards.

At the time, we reported, along with a number of other reporters working for a wide range of local and national media the startling admission -- heard by everyone who attended the hearing -- made by fellow right-wing board member Kathy Martin:

"I've not read it word for word myself."

John Hanna of the Associated Press also reported that Morris acknowledged she had merely scanned proposed standards. That apparently is what has her fuming.

Interestingly, Connie doesn't dispute media coverage of the expense report she submitted for a junket to Miami which included a stay at a luxury beachfront hotel. After media coverage of that story she decided to return the money.


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