Friday, July 21, 2006


ID: Fast and Loose

Long time readers may remember that following the pseudoscience hearings in Topeka in May of 2005 it turned out that John Calvert, the attorney who represented the intelligent design side at the hearings, wasn't even licenced to practice law in Kansas.

Now we find that Calvert's Intelligent Design Network Inc.-- that's the group that's touting the new standards as being good science because they're ID free -- organized as Kansas "Not for Profit" (its business entity ID Number 2785558), "does not currently qualify for a letter or certificate of good standing" according to the Kansas Secretary of State.

It's currently listed as delinquent.

They've never followed the rules the rest of us have to live by, why should they start now?

Scott Beach has appended "Bamboozled By Delinquent Propagandists" to Wikipedia's "Intelligent Design" page. Beware, the ID rap sheet is longer than many career criminals and you may have to wade through a lot to find the "Bamboozled" header.


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