Saturday, July 08, 2006


The Fine Print

In the run up to the Kansas school board election, a number of astroturf websites promoting intelligent design have been appearing. In our last post (scroll down) we looked at a Discovery Institute crypto-site.

Now John Calvert's Intelligent Design Network is getting into the act, too. Their website, "Teach Darwin Honestly" comes with a disclaimer -- just like one of those used car ads on the radio:
This is a message of Intelligent Design network, inc. We seek institutional objectivity in origins science because we believe it lacking. "Intelligent design" appears in our name, because current institutional suppression of that hypothesis robs the materialistic theory of evolution of its scientific validity and converts it into an ideology, used by some to support a variety of religious and non-religious world views. Although ID should not be prohibited, public schools should not mandate its teaching unless and until there is greater acceptance of this view in the scientific community.

It's clear that in this election, voters are going to have to read the fine print.

It must be tough on the Calvert's ID Network to be stuck with intelligent design in its name now that the Dover ruling has forced the anti-science crowd to move on to promoting "critical analysis."

Thanks to our old friend BF for calling this one to our attention.


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