Thursday, July 06, 2006


Connie Morris: Awkward Situations?

As anyone who has read her salacious autobiography is all too well aware, Connie Morris is a hands on kind of girl. Last time she ran for state school board in District 5 out in western Kansas Morris campaigned energetically, pressing the flesh at county fairs and other events all over that part of the state.

That's why RSR was so surprised to get this report on Morris' 4th of July campaign appearance in Hays:
In Saturday's Hays parade, Morris appeared alone, throwing candy out her car window. Nobody seemed to be with her, working the crowd, and no handouts were produced.

Could Connie's past -- The Pitch once called her a high school slut turned Kansas State Board of Education anti-evolutionist -- be catching up with her? Or, are her right-wing politics, as seems more likely to RSR, leading to awkward social situations that make the normally exuberant Morris a more reluctant campaigner?


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