Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Cauble for Common Sense

CSA sends this appeal from western Kansas:

These days, gloss and glitz and glamour all too often cover ugly truths.

Consider, for example, the IDNet’s new brochure “FAQ about the Kansas Science Standards.” Glossily printed in living color, this four-page brochure tries to divert readers from the truth: that the changes made to the standards aren’t accepted by the scientific community, that supporters of the new standards equate science with atheism, and that Christians who accept evolution are deemed as ‘confused’ and ‘illogical’ by ID supporters.

District 5 KBOE incumbent Connie Morris has made good use of this brochure by affixing a sticker with her name and board position on it and handing it out at her campaign functions.

Morris’ autobiography echoes the concept that she’s physically attractive. What her pictures don’t portray is that she’s not in office to serve her district, state or nation, but to bring more people to her particular brand of Christianity. Her vitriolic, tax-funded ‘newsletter’ from last summer engaged in personal attacks on other board members, and she’s noted for rarely taking the high road when given the chance.

To help her stay in office, she’s retained the services of "The Source," a Topeka PR firm for her western Kansas campaign. This firm, run by Kris Van Metren (former KRA bigwig, son of retiring radical KBOE member Iris VanMeter), also represents the Intelligent Design Network of Kansas, Inc., and the campaigns of Ken Willard, Brad Patzer, and John Bacon.

The radical right has raised a lot of money around the country to support their campaigns, so they can afford PR firms and expensive brochures.

We can expect expensively-produced TV and radio spots pimping their services – and vilifying their opponents – to appear very soon.

On the other hand . . . District 5 candidate Sally Cauble, challenging Connie Morris in the primary, is operating on a shoestring budget.

Instead of relying on a PR firm, Sally’s making use of only volunteers, whose well-intentioned but amateur efforts need help.

You see, Sally isn’t about gloss and glamour and fakery. She’s the real thing, an earnest, hard-working woman who is deeply concerned about the current status of education in Kansas. She’s got the guts to step up to the plate against the KRA machinery and the radicals’ machinations to try to help all Kansas kids.

District 5 is geographically huge, but sparsely populated; airtime must be purchased in several different markets to reach all voters. There are miles and miles of miles and miles, and Sally is traveling most of them personally to reach as many people in the district as possible.

Sally doesn’t reap the offerings of the radical right through some convoluted, incestuous network of PACS. She’s relied on hundreds of small contributions so far. But she needs more to be successful in the August primary. Don’t feel guilty if you can only send $10 or $20 – every little bit helps in this struggle to return common sense to Kansas.

Please send your contributions, up to $500, toCauble for Common Sense,P.O. Box 1085 Liberal, KS 67905


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