Thursday, July 20, 2006


Autocratic, Arbitrary Conduct

"The autocratic, arbitrary conduct of the 6-4 ultraconservative majority on the Kansas Board of Education rolls on, leaving astounded Kansans wondering what is next on the Christian coalition agenda," writes Bob Sigman, Opinion Page Editor, of the Johnson County Sun.

Sigman notes that turnover in the Education Department doubled this year, from about 10 to 20 percent. Of the 53 who left the department, 47 resigned and only six retired, an indication that most of the employees who departed did not want to stay there, preferring to seek work in other places. That means employees with expertise and understanding are leaving and the ones who follow are stepping into a muddled work place.

"With their policies on issues such as evolution instruction and sex education, the right-wing-dominated board is inflicting its narrow, religious-based notions on the education of Kansas children," writes Sigman.

Johnson County voters can help turn out the destructive conservative board members. John W. Bacon, Olathe, is a member of the 6-4 conservative majority who should be denied a new term. He is opposed in the 3rd District Republican primary by Harry E. McDonald, Olathe.

A vote for McDonald is a step toward a more rational, well-motivated Board of Education.


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