Friday, June 30, 2006


What's Corkins Been Smoking?

Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins has told Kevin Flaherty of the Morning Sun that even if the upcoming election changes the makeup of the Kansas State Board of Education this year, he doesn't expect there to be major alterations in policy.

All RSR can say to that is, "What's Corkins been smoking?"

Corkins told the Morning Sun that despite conflicts in recent years, particularly over evolution and sexual education standards, the differences in opinions weren't large enough to see a major change with new members.

"The differences are all in small degrees, things like the language that is tossed around," Corkins said. "But for the most part, I think the differences are overblown and exaggerated. On several of the major issues, such as all-day kindergarten, the board is unanimous and united."

If moderates retake the board, two changes will happen almost simultaneously:

The new board may rest on the second day, but you can be sure other big changes will follow, and follow fast.


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