Saturday, June 10, 2006


Viola: Okay to Teach Creationism and ID in Science Class

RSR was there in the Shawnee Civic Center May 31st when the MAINstream Coalition's MAINPAC announced its endorsements in the state school board election. MAINPAC, which works to promote and preserve constitutional freedoms, that are threatened by political extremists, endorsed a Democrat and a moderate Republican in each contested district with one notable exception.

In District 7 in south central Kansas, where right-wing incumbent Ken Willard is seeking re-election, MAINPAC endorsed Democrat Jack Wempe. Donna Viola, a moderate Republican, was conspicuously absent.

We were curious about that, but couldn't catch up with anyone from MAINPAC to find out why.

Now we know.

According to Mary Clarkin of The Hutchinson News, "Viola's position that it is acceptable to teach creationism and intelligent design in the science classroom cost her MAINPAC's backing, according to Jim Borthwick, co-chairman of the committee."

Here are MAINPAC's other endorsements:

District 1: Janet Waugh, D-Kansas City. (Jesse Hall, a Kansas City Democrat, entered the race recently.)

District 3: Moderate Republican Harry McDonald and Democrat Don Weiss, are running for the seat currently occupied by right-winger John Bacon.

District 5: Tim Cruz, D-Garden City, and Sally Cauble, R-Liberal.

District 9: Kent Runyan, D-Pittsburg, and Jana Shaver, R-Independence.


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