Friday, June 23, 2006


Third District school board candidate Harry McDonald says that the current majority on the Kansas School Board, including his main opponent, incumbent John Bacon, are out of line with traditional Republican values. McDonald cited the Blue Valley books issue, opt-in sex education, and charter schools as examples where Bacon and the current board majority have trampled on local control of public schools.

McDonald said that since deciding to run for state school board he's met with all 21 superintendents in the district's schools, while "John Bacon hasn't managed to meet with one."

While Bacon said last night that "intelligent design was an inference students could draw" from the new science standards, McDonald countered that ID is about the supernatural -- something that science can't observe.

If science is atheistic because it excludes God, as Bacon and the board majority assert, said McDonald, then Spanish and Algebra classes must be atheistic as well.

In answer to a question from moderator Dan Simon of the Olathe News about how the board might extricate itself from culture war battles, McDonald noted that Bacon has expressed no respect for local school officials. Bacon and the current board majority have put personal agendas and ideology ahead of the interests of Kansas school children.


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