Thursday, June 22, 2006


Stemming the Tide

William Dembski has published a post on his blog, Uncommon Descent, noting "world’s science academies [are] locking arms and digging in their heels to stem the tide of anti-evolution sentiment issuing from the unruly masses."

As RSR noted this morning (scroll down), 67 national academies of science -- representing millions of scientists -- are calling on parents and teachers to provide facts about evolution.

What of Dembski's veritable "tide of anti-evolution sentiment issuing from the unruly masses"?

Is it reflected in yesterday's Discovery news release that, "Over 600 Scientists Around the World Express Their Doubts About Darwin's Theory"?

Over 600, eh? That particular tidal wave will surely sweep ashore with all the power of a single snowflake falling on the bosom of the Missouri River.

Perhaps Dembski means the tidal wave that swept ID proponents off the Dover School Board last November. Maybe he's looking back in time to 1999 when creationists and ID activists on the Kansas School Board were sucked under by an electorate enraged at their attempts to write religion into the science curriculum.

Then again, it's possible he's had a premonition about the outcome of the 2006 Kansas School Board election.


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