Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Salina Journal Calls for Rejection of Science Standards

Tom Bell, in an editorial in the Salina Journal (sub. req.) follows the lead of Kansas Citizens for Science in urging the Salina school board to reject state science standards written by the right-wing majority that promote creationism and intelligent design:

Local school boards can send the state board a strong message by standing up to meddling.

The Manhattan-Ogden School Board took a bold step in March when members voted to reject the definition of science adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education.

Last week a group of scientists and teachers known as Kansas Citizens for Science sent a letter to the state’s 300 school districts, asking them to do the same.

It is a good idea. The Salina School Board should follow the lead of Manhattan-Ogden and vote to reject these controversial standards.

The state board is controlled by a majority that wants to inject conservative Christian principles into Kansas public schools. Those efforts are wrong and illegal.

This position is not a criticism of people of faith. It is a defense of First Amendment constitutional rights against government establishment of religion.


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