Thursday, June 08, 2006


RSR's "Design Filter Failure" Contest

How many times can a person be wrong before simple decency requires that they just shut up and think a little before lecturing the rest of us?

If William Dembski, the Isaac Newton of information theory, that number appears to be approaching infinity.

They don't call it apologetics for nothing.

Beyond the baseless name calling, Dembski has also demonstrated that his vaunted design filter is coarse enough to let through just about anything. Here's one example:

So, what other examples of Dembskite filter failure can readers come up with? There must be a million of them. If you've got a good example of Dembski's tendency to go off half cocked, send us an e-mail (don't put it in the comments, please.) We'll pull together a list and we'll choose our favorite failure. The readers who sends in the most astonishing example will receive a photo quality 16x20 full color print of RSR's "Historic Discoveries" poster.


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