Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Radical Rascals

Laura Scott writes, in a commentary published in The Kansas City Star, that "Kansas voters who are looking for leadership in getting the state out of this embarrassment may have found a beacon" in the Kansas Alliance for Education.

According to Scott, Betsy Hineman, a leader of the KAE, says many in the alliance consider themselves conservative, including her. But the six religious conservatives who dominate the 10-member state board are “radicals,” she says.

And the six “radicals” have gone too far, the alliance believes, in devaluing evolution in the state’s science standards, pushing to inject religion into public education, making it tougher for young people to get sex education, and hiring a commissioner of education whose track record is not kind to public schools. That commissioner, Bob Corkins, has expressed interest in charter schools and vouchers that would finance private education with public tax dollars.

Here's a link to the Kansas Alliance for Education website.


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