Thursday, June 01, 2006


Packaging Intelligent Design

"The Center for Science and Culture is housed within the Discovery Institute, which is a conservative think tank in Seattle. It’s funded in part by Howard Ahmanson, who is actually is a Christian reconstructionist. We said before that most people weren’t, but he actually is a pretty forthright theocrat," says Michelle Goldberg, the author of Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, in a BuzzFlash interview.

"... the Center for Science and Culture takes creationism and tries to legitimize it in scientific terms, and make it sound as if it’s really just a kind of competing scientific theory. It hires people with a lot of impressive degrees, although, in many cases, they got the degrees specifically with the idea of using them to discredit Darwinism for religious reasons. It’ll put someone forward like Jonathan Wells, who has a Ph.D. from Berkeley, and yet here he is, defending intelligent design. So they’ve given a lot of thought to packaging intelligent design to make it seem like legitimate science. And they’ve given a lot of thought to how to try to infiltrate their ideas into the culture."


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