Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Keeping Strong in her Faith

Natalie Saracco, in a touchingly confessional letter to The Lantern, the independent student voice at Ohio State University, says she believes she is "one of the few biology majors who has a Christian religious affiliation" there.

"With ideas like natural selection, cloning and Darwin's theories being forced upon me" writes Saracco, "it is difficult to keep strong in my faith; a faith that doesn't believe anything of the sort."

Saracco says it's a challenge to compel herself to accept something other than "divine creation."

Fortunately, her advisor attends Saracco's church and has been able to "recommend some classes that are slightly less painful" for her.

Why does she continue to pursue a biology degree when she "wholeheartedly reject[s] some of the major foundations of this science?"

She intends to pursue a career in forensics -- she's undoubtedly an avid "CSI: Miami" fan -- and unfortunately, at OSU there's no forensics major so "either it's biology or chemistry."

Saracco tried chemistry, "but it was too much math." Math, she tells us, "is a totally different hate" of hers.

Saracco can see some areas of gray -- that house cats and leopards might be related, for example -- but she assures us that no chimpanzees have ever attended any of her family reunions.

We're not so sure about that last bit, but we are quite sure that Saracco is not one of the few Christians at OSU who are majoring in Biology. She's just one of the few biblical literalists majoring in Biology at OSU.

There's a difference.


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