Friday, June 23, 2006


Kansas school board incumbent John Bacon, who has consistently voted with the right-wing majority on the state board, says he believes "there's something out there" and that "science doesn't have all the answers." Bacon appeared at a Republican candidate's forum in Olathe last night sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to defend unpopular board decisions on science standards, the appointments of Bob Corkins and David Awbrey, charter schools, and opt-in sex education.

Bacon says he believes he's done a good job listening to the public, but he was challenged by moderate Republican Harry McDonald who said that all 21 superintendents at schools in District 3 had told him they'd never been contacted by Bacon in the eight years he's served on the board.

Both McDonald and Olipant, Bacon's Republican opponents in the Aug. 1 primary election, charged that the board majority, of which Bacon is a member, has spent too much time embroiled in the hot button issues of the culture wars at the expense of Kansas school children.


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