Thursday, June 22, 2006


ID's All Natural Male Enhancement

In the post below, RSR reports on a declaration by 67 national academies of science -- representing millions of scientists -- calling on parents and teachers to provide facts about evolution.

But, what about scientists who doubt Darwin?

Arrayed against those millions of scientists from around the world are a veritable petri dish of "over 600 doctoral scientists from all around the world have now signed a statement publicly expressing their skepticism about the contemporary theory of Darwinian evolution," according to a news release issued yesterday by the Discovery Institute.

Of course, most of Discovery's scientists -- if the past is any guide -- will turn out to be mostly theologians or attorneys who once took a geology course.

As we noted yesterday, Casey Luskin, on the strength of a BA and MA in geology feels fully qualified to describe himself as a scientist. Perhaps we'll find his name is on the list, as well.

RSR would be willing to wager that a determined researcher could find many times more than 600 people in the world who would be willing to put on a lab coat, describe themselves as scientists, and sign a statement proclaiming that one or another abdominal exercise device will give you six-pack abs, that eating Big Macs while taking this or that weight-loss pill will trim your waistline, or that those all natural male-enhancement pills really work.

We even suspect a certain overlap between Discovery's list and the others.


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