Saturday, June 17, 2006


Higher Ground

Rob Hood, you know him, the scientist with an associates degree in electronics, explains why if man and dinosaurs existed at the exact same time, their bones aren't found in the same rock strata:
This is a very good question, but it also has a very good answer according to a top creation researcher Bodie Hodge, a staff member, and educated speaker/researcher for Ken Ham's Answers In Genesis group.

He claims that during the flood of Noah, humans would have fled to higher ground like mountains. Perhaps huge dinosaurs couldn't climb mountains? Once the flood waters came, it buried plant life and animal life on the lower elevations and fossilized them first. Human bones would be the last to be buried by the flood waters since they were at a higher elevation. If you look at fossil records, there may very well be much truth in this theory.

RSR, being the skeptical type, would like to know why the great marine reptiles whose home was the sea, such as mosasaurs and plesiosaurs, and flying reptiles, such as pterosaurs, which presumably could fly to the mountain tops quicker than humans, are not found in the same rock strata -- or in higher rock strata -- than our fossil human ancestors.


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