Friday, June 30, 2006


Good Intentions

RSR's mother used to say the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Those of us who want to take Kansas and our state's education system back from the religious radicals who've taken control must realize that all the good intentions in the world won't mean a thing unless we get involved, get active, get out and vote, and perhaps most important at this time -- make a contribution, no matter how small, to one or more of the moderate candidates running for state school board.

RSR has added a section to the sidebar -- Donate -- that is designed to make it easy for you to make a contribution online or through the mail. Each of the candidates listed, whether Republican or Democrat, has pledged to return the state school board to sanity and reverse the embarrassing attack on science in the new standards. All of these candidates have been endorsed by MAIN PAC based on their public statements and an evaluation of their positions on critical issues.

We know the right-wing zealots are deadly earnest about fundraising. Their candidates will have plenty of money to throw at this election. If we sit back and do nothing -- no matter how pure our intentions -- they will win, and we will have let them.

Don't let them.


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