Friday, June 09, 2006


Filter Failure

Many of you posted your entries to the William Dembski "Filter Failure" contest in the comments, but we thought we'd post a couple of early entries that came in via e-mail for the entertainment of all:

From JW in Maryland: "I'm waiting for the day when the hearings are not voluntary but involve subpoenas in which evolutionists are deposed at length on their views. On that happy day, I can assure you they won't come off looking well."William Dembski (May 7, 2005)

Our old friend, Afarensis -- now part of the Seed Media Empire -- reminds of this blooper: The Dembski Street Theater performance of "Shallit withdrew from Dover Because his testimony was sooo bad" more details at the links below. Afarensis even provides links, here and here.

Dembski's been so reliably wrong about everything else, he seems like the perfect spokesman for ID.

Keep those bloopers coming in and make sure to check the comments for our initial call for entries to read some of the ones posted there. They aren't to be missed.

With Dembski's record, we should be able to keep this contest going for weeks.


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