Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Daniel in the Lion's Den -- A New Kansas Blog

RSR readers may want to check out a new Kansas blog, Defending Science, Scientists and Nonscientists. The blogger attends creationism and ID meetings, politely attempts to correct the misrepresentations of science and evolution in the presentations, and then blogs the results.

Right now, Defending Science, Scientists and Nonscientists, has a notice up about a June 15 appearance by creationist Bill Lucas, who is planning to speak about evidence for the Biblical flood. The meeting, "Creation and Evolution," is sponsored by Christians for Origins and Religious Research.

Readers can also find a report on a June 1 CORR meeting that misrepresented textbook presentations of Haeckel's embryos among a number of other interesting posts.

Hat tip to Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education for calling it to our attention.


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