Thursday, June 01, 2006


Cooper Correct

An editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constition on the Cobb County textbook sticker case notes that:
While U.S. District Court Judge Clarence Cooper has been ordered to rehear evidence in the Cobb County school board's evolution stickers case, it's hard to see how he could reach a different conclusion about its merits. He was correct in his initial ruling last year when he decided that the stickers, which disclaimed evolution as a "theory, not a fact," constituted an endorsement of religious belief.

The AJC editorial also notes that:
... there doesn't seem to be much interest within the current board in reviving the stickers in Cobb while the case goes back before a trial court. Nor has any of the 10 or so candidates for the two school board seats up for election this year indicated that would be a good idea. But unless the courts provide a definitive ruling, a future board may not feel so constrained.


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