Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Conservatives Against Intelligent Design

Nikhil (Nick) Rao, recently elected to the Board of Governors of Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education, OESE, has launched a new national group that has already received a lot of attention in the blogosphere and the mission statement in support of the group is receiving signatures.

John Derbyshire, conservative columnist and contributor to National Review Online, has posted his support and signed the statement, as have several other conservative spokespersons. The editors of Scientific American have also applauded the effort. Help spread the word to individuals, organizations, blog sites, media outlets, etc. Check out the neat banner, the growing list of signers, and comments at the CAID site.

Nick is still working on the effort with plans for a list serve, T-shirt design, etc.. Along with staff of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), especially Glenn Branch) and others, OESE has encouraged Nick in this valuable undertaking. It could make a difference in the ongoing PR efforts to keep the supernatural out of public school science courses. We applaud Nick for his ideas, high energy and hard work, especially since he is doing this as a medical student during the academic year and holding two jobs during the summer.

Thanks to Oklahoma reader VH for passing this information, orignally posted on the OklahomaEvolution List Serve, on to RSR.

Update: RSR posted this early this morning, before we'd had our required wake-up Diet Coke. In re-reading it, we found it a little scrambled. We've now done the editing we should have done before posting.


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