Thursday, June 15, 2006


Awbrey Resigns

Kansas Department of Education spokesman, David Awbrey has resigned.

At a Kansas City Press Club forum last month, Awbrey ignited controversy when he said supporting evolution is metaphysical speculation.

“Anyone see the origin?” Awbrey asked. “Anyone see the Big Bang? Anyone see the dinosaurs? These are metaphysical speculations.”

Awbrey, who admits that he's not a public relations professional, was hired -- like Education Commissioner Bob Corkins -- for his right-wing political connections rather than his expertise.

Awbrey's public relations gaffes and his short six-month tenure can be expected to play a role in the upcoming school board election because it calls further attention to board appointments that place a higher value on right-wing political connections than education, training, and professional experience.

According to the Lawrence Journal-World, Awbrey will return to Missouri to teach middle school social studies.

While RSR feels a great deal of sympathy for Missouri middle school students, we nevertheless feel that Awbrey's resignation is an important first step in taking back Kansas education from the right-wing culture warriors who've hijacked it.


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