Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Robert Crowther: Master Logician

Robert Crowther writing on the Discovery Institute's Evolution News and Views blog gives us a lovely little example of the incisive logic that has become the hallmark of intelligent design theory:

Statement No. 1: "... there is extreme pressure brought against scientists and scholars on college campuses who are proponents of intelligent design."

Statement No. 2 (four paragraphs later): "Does anyone really think that university faculty are among the leading Darwin doubters? Do we need statements to let us in on their secret support of evolution?"

In the bizarro world that is intelligent design, scientists and academics are both trembling with fear at the pressure brought to bear on them by the big, bad Darwinian establishment and marching in lockstep with that same establishment.

ID is the intellectual fantasy island -- with Crowther standing in as the island's Tattoo -- where no matter how many times its proponents are wrong, they are always right.

Da plane. Da plane


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