Monday, May 08, 2006


Right-wing School Board Candidate Endorsements

The Kansas Republican Assembly endorsed candidates John Bacon, Connie Morris, Ken Willard, and Brad Patzer for state school board at its Biennial Endorsing Convention on April 29, in Olathe.

The Kansas Republican Assembly has played a key role in financing right-wing activists on the state school board through network of interlocking political action committees constructed to skirt Kansas campaign finance laws and channel money to conservatives on the board.

The KRA-backed state school board majority has voted to dumb down science education in the state by re-writing the standards to include creationist and intelligent design inspired pseudoscience.

KRA backed board members spearheaded the appointment of right-wing anti-tax activist Bob Corkins, who was hired as Education Commissioner, not for his experience -- he doesn't have any -- but for his political connections.

The board's actions have led to a series of resignations by key professional staff that make the Kansas Department of Education look disturbingly like FEMA on the eve of Hurricane Katrina.

Instead of focusing on the educational needs of Kansas students, the right-wing board majority has pursued a political agenda that includes vouchers, charter schools, opt-in and abstinence only sex education.


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