Saturday, May 13, 2006


Paving the way for intelligent design

Intelligent design activists say the new Mississippi law law prohibiting school boards, superintendents, or principals from placing restrictions on discussions about the origins of life has nothing to do with religion, creation science, or intelligent design. It's all about critical analysis, and nothing else.

Rob Hood writing in The American Daily -- which features anti-immigration ads such as "Mex America" -- thinks otherwise:
Liberals often tout Southern conservatives more because of our longstanding and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ and the word of God, the Holy Bible. Conservative Mississippians share this faith and often show it in our political decisions which liberals hate even more...

Just recently Mississippi made a bold move that may change the course of everything on this issue. Mississippi has now paved the way for Intelligent Design to be taught in schools along side of evolution. Conservative Republican Governor Haley Barbour signed a new state law that basically says that no restrictions can be placed on teachers or students when discussing the origins of life in the classroom. This law basically allows a student to question evolution and to discuss Creation if that student or teacher chooses to do so.


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