Friday, May 12, 2006


Pagan Elements

The expected dismissal of two popular teachers in Norwood, Col. prompted dozens of students to leave classes and appeal to school authorities Wednesday, according to the Montrose Daily Press.

Students and supporters of the teachers believe the impending firings stem from a controversy that erupted last year, after Doyle assigned Rudolfo Anaya's award-winning novel, "Bless Me, Ultima," to her English classes.

School officials pulled the book, according to the Montrose Daily Press, after a single parent complained about its language and "pagan" elements. The complaining party reportedly received all copies of "Bless Me, Ultima," and was said to have disposed of them.

The incident prompted a student sit-in protest at the school and put Norwood under national media scrutiny, according to the report. The students were later honored by the Colorado Association of Libraries.

"I think it's because what happened last year upset the administration and brought a lot of negative media to them, and so they were angry," sophomore Sarah Setzer told the Daily Press. "They really don't have any reason. These are good teachers."


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