Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Out There Somewhere

Answers in Genesis leader Ken Ham hasn't taken kindly to a statement by Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno that creationism is a sort of superstitious paganism, akin to the idea of "nature gods" that pagans believed were responsible for natural phenomena such as thunder and lightning.

Ham says that Consolmagno doesn't understand science. Even worse, science has been hijacked by -- you guessed it -- scientists. A guy just can't use God to explain things anymore, complains Ham.
"And so God is 'out there' somewhere," says Ham, "and at the very best you can be a deist or something like that."
Ham's masterful use of the non-sequitur suggests that he might be an ideal candidate to fill in for Stephen Colbert when he goes on vacation. At the very least he should be considered for a correspondent's position on the Daily Show.


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