Monday, May 22, 2006


Not Gulled

Ed Brayton over at the Dispatches From the Culture Wars blog doubts that the legal eagles at the Thomas More Law Center really plan to follow through on their threat to file suit on behalf of two Gull Lake, Mich. teachers who were prohibited from teaching intelligent design -- and using Of Pandas and People as a textbook -- by the local school board.

Richard Thompson, the brains behind the defense team in the Dover intelligent design trial, says he'll claim the prohibition violates the teacher's academic freedom.

Just one problem: Academic freedom applies only at the college level, not to public school teachers who must follow a school board's dictates, according to attorney Steve Harvey.

You remember Harvey. He was on the winning side in Dover.

Certainly, if a suit were to be filed, Richard Thompson and the Thomas More Law Center would be RSR's first choice... to represent the other side.


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