Thursday, May 25, 2006


No Such Thing as Monkeys

Teachers in the northern Quebec town of Salluit have been told by the Kativik School Board not to teach evolution. Apparently teaching evolution to students, aka telling the truth, is culturally insensitive."

"If the town complains and says no, the committee can ask the principal or the director of teachers to approach the teacher and say, 'Look, this is not the subject to be taught here in this town, or in this place, because we know we have been humans from the beginning,'" said Molly Tayara, a member of the community's school committee.

"I don't personally accept my children being taught that they came from some species from Africa somewhere."

"Here in the North there is no such thing as monkeys."

RSR wonders how the Kansas fundamentalists pushing intelligent design would react to having their children taught the Inuit creation story. After all, its just as scientific as theirs.


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