Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Monkey Man

Henry Jordan a candidate for South Carolina Lieutenant Governor says science does not support Darwin's theory that man evolved from monkeys. He believes that public school students should learn "intelligent design" along with evolution.

"I think everything ought to be taught ... and let people decide for themselves. There is no science to support trans-species changes, in other words a monkey becoming a man," the Republican said in an interview Monday with The Associated Press.

Jordan would also post the Ten Commandments in schools, if he could:
Posting the Ten Commandments "has nothing to do with proselytizing or trying to cram Christianity down people's throats," Jordan said. "A real Christian understands that Billy Graham can't cram it down somebody's throat if they're not receptive. ... You could put the Ten Commandments on every corner, it wouldn't make any difference."


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