Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Kansas School of the Future?

"Among the parents... there were tales of curious expulsions and strange practices. One mother said her daughter had been removed from school after being accused of wearing the wrong trousers, another that her son had been permanently expelled for smoking.

"A father claimed his son had been sent home for walking the wrong way down the corridor, another that his 16-year-old daughter was kicked out after getting a kiss from her boyfriend at the school gates. And underlying it all was a feeling that Trinity, the third state funded secondary to be run by an evangelical Christian... was pushing an aggressive religious agenda."

No, it's not Kansas. Not yet, anyway. It's a report by Matthew Taylor in The Guardian about a school in England run by Sir Peter Vardy, an evangelical Christian.

However, if the current ultra-right school board retains its majority following the November election, we may well begin to read stories like this about our own Kansas schools.


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