Friday, May 05, 2006


Heartland Humor Contest

One of the media biases against creationism and its super sophisticated city cousin, intelligent design, according to Kansas School Board Chair Steve Abrams and Department of Education spokesman David Awbrey is the idea that the board's new science standards might somehow hurt the state's image or prospects for economic development.

Abrams and Awbrey say that the media have endlessly repeated claims that the standards will hurt Kansas' image and economy, but have so far produced no evidence that it actually has.

We happen to know that many Red State Rabble readers reside outside the Sunflower State, so here's our idea for a not so scientific survey on how the science standards have affected the image of Kansas outside the state's borders.

If you live outside Kansas, send us an anecdote -- 25 words or less please -- that illustrates how Kansas is seen from outside the state.

We'll print the 10 best anecdotes we receive, and we'll come up with some kind of a prize for the winner. Wit and brevity are qualities we'll be looking for.


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