Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Dembski Divines

William Dembski doesn't think Cornell President Hunter Rawlings, who has a PhD in classics from Princeton, has the scholarly credentials to debunk ID. Do you suppose if Rawlings had signed the Darwin Doubters statement, the Discovery Institute would have rejected him as unqualified?

Remind us again, what scientific credentials Dembski's possesses for debunking evolution. Oh yeah, he's the Isaac Newton of information theory. How silly of me.

Dembski does provide a service by publishing Rawlings' April 26 lecture at the Woodrow Wilson Center. (RSR has not checked to see if Dembski has edited Rawlings remarks in any way.)

In a thoughtful reflection on the role of religion in America's political and cultural life, Rawlings remarks:
Science keeps hypothesizing and testing results. Its theories succeed or fail with the discovery of new evidence. Religion emanates from authority and can thus appear arbitrary and ill-informed in the realm of policy making.

For this reason, religion linked directly with state power tends to be repressive and exclusionist.
Most sensible thing we've ever read on Uncommon Descent.


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