Thursday, May 04, 2006


Calvert's PR Genius

Intelligent design activist John Calvert asks a question at last night's media forum.

The meek shall inherit the earth, right? Well, don't tell that to John Calvert, a leader of the ID Network here in Kansas. After last night's forum, "Intelligent Design, Intelligent Media: Is Coverage Accurate," Calvert questioned forum moderator Derek Donovan, the Kansas City Star's reader representative about the media's alleged bias against ID, with Red State Rabble listening from close range.

The discussion quickly developed into an angry exchange. Initially, Donovan was patient, but when Calvert began cursing, Donovan told him bluntly, "It's over," picked up his things and walked away, leaving Calvert with a sheepish expression on his face.

Brilliant PR strategy, eh?


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