Thursday, May 25, 2006


Awbrey Spins Remarks

In yesterday's Hutchinson News, Department of Education spokesman David claims that a "pro-evolution" crowd steered a Kansas City Press Club panel discussion off course by questioning statements he made, including an "attack" against him by moderate school board member Sue Gamble.

In fact, those in the audience, including Gamble were not allowed to speak until after the panel discussion ended. Awbrey and Steve Abrams represented the creationist side, while a number of print, radio, and television reporters spoke for the media. No pro-evolution speakers or moderate members of the board were on the panel.

It was during the early part of the program that Awbrey said, "Religion is faith in what is unseen. Anyone see the origin? Anyone see the Big Bang? Anyone see the dinosaurs? These are metaphysical speculations."

Those remarks prompted responses from members of the audience, including Gamble.

"I was disappointed with the way he conducted himself and felt it was out of bounds of his role as a communication director," Gamble said. "I would think the role of the director of communications for the department of education should reflect the education of the state, it's a pretty broad perspective."

Awbrey has tried to spin his unfortunate remarks in a number of way now, but Kansas Citizens for Science has a recording posted on his website that makes clear just how partisan -- and wrong -- Awbrey's performance at the KC Press Club event really was.

BTW, RSR was there, and the fact is, the audience was divided right down the middle.


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