Friday, May 26, 2006


Awbrey: Not House-trained

Sophia Maines of the Lawrence Journal-World reports that Kansas Department of Education spokesperson David Awbrey, in the job for just a few months, may already be thinking about making a career change... again.

At a Kansas City Press Club panel discussion, Awbrey sparked an outcry from moderate school board member Sue Gamble when he said, "Religion is faith in what is unseen. Anyone see the origin? Anyone see the Big Bang? Anyone see the dinosaurs? These are metaphysical speculations."

Maines reports that the controversy may drive him out of the job.

The mess Awbrey made at the press forum has provoked letters to the editor and a couple of articles about his comments in newspapers around the state.
“I haven’t been house-trained in public relations,” Awbrey told Maines Thursday, adding, “I’m going to have to spend some time during the next week or two thinking about where I’m going to go with my career.”

Moderate board member Janet Waugh has joined Gamble in condemning Awbrey's remarks, as well.
“When he is doing his job as public information officer, he should not have an opinion,” said Waugh, who did not attend the forum. “When he is speaking for the board, he should represent the entire board. I think it was totally inappropriate.”

Awbrey now claims he was speaking as an individual, not the Education Department spokesperson. However, he was introduced at the event in his official capacity. He also says that Education Commissioner Bob Corkins told him to go.


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